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Property Management

Let Us Help You

Our main objective is to protect the investor's assets, ensuring profitability and preservation of the properties. 

We take care of all of the issues pertaining to the management of the property, guaranteeing income maximization and cost minimization. Management program can also be personalized to suit your needs.

We strive in all aspects to provide prompt, professional, competent, courteous, and accurate service to both owners and tenants. 

  • Receipt and deposit of rental payments

  • Personalized customer service in our offices in Miami

  • Tenant’s background check

  • Interviewing prospective tenants

  • Lease expiration notice to tenants

  • Opening of bank accounts

  • Monthly reports

  • Diligent enforcement of lease agreements

  • Scheduling of repairs and improvements

  • Handling tenant complaints and requests for service 24 hours

  • Payment of monthly maintenance to condo associations

  • Payment of property tax

  • Annual inspections

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